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5 Best Entertainment Costumes for your Party Supply Store

entertainment costumes

Entertainment is much-needed to get a break from the monotonous routine. Getting entertained keeps your mind fresh and helps increase productivity. Being enjoyable with oneself is not a difficult job as one chooses from binge eating and watching Netflix to going and enjoying Halloween parties.

Entertainment starts with costumes to break stereotypes and be relaxed as one can decide to resemble their favorite video game characters or celebrities. Entertainment costumes are a must-have for Halloween eves as they add life to the party by giving a different look.

Why entertainment costumes are preferred more

There is no need for any professional entertainer as an excellent entertainment costume is perfect for reflecting all your moods. Party supply stores need to have a unique variety of outfits that blow away everyone’s minds you meet. Costume suppliers should not only sale entertainment costumes that offer value for money, but also such costumes make customers happier.

Those who prefer costumes on wholesale are safe from burning a hole in their pocket as wholesale prices are low, which creates more demand in the market. With a massive variety of entertainment costumes, available one can even choose to customize their costumes to add on to the glam look. 

entertainment costumes
Entertainment Party Costumes

The five most excellent entertainment costumes for your party supply store are:

  1. Sailor Woman Costume: The sailor woman costume works the best for every woman who dreams of sailing in the ocean day in and out. By wearing this costume, you can feel like a sailor for a day or an eve. This costume comprises of a one-piece two-toned dress with a white collar and full-length white stockings. The sailor costume is a classic costume that adds charm to Comicon eve, Halloween eve, and also for performances.
  2. 70S Rock Star Classic Costume: The retro style never goes out of fashion as old is always gold. The 7os look works for customers having a deep connection to history and are bound to be rooted in the styling. The classic rock star costume comprises a powder blue power suit paired with a white shirt and a tie that rocks for performance as well as Halloween eve too. This costume can be given a unique look by adding a hat or a wig, which will help to enhance it. 
  1. Retro MS. Mouse Costume: The retro MS. Mouse costume is perfect for Disney lover customers as all-time favorite Mini inspires it. This costume comprises of a polka-dotted red dress paired with a thick black belt. The headband is an add-on to complete the mouse-look. This costume makes one feel like a child again, as one feels happy to look like a favorite character from childhood. The outfit makes one smile on any occasion, Comicon or the Halloween eve.
  1. MS. Mice Costume: The MS. Mice costume helps customers to take their Disney fandom to an unexpected level. Any age group can wear this costume as it resembles their childhood favorite mini mice. The mice costume comprises of one piece two-toned dress with a black shrug. The yellow eared mice headband is to enhance the look for all occasions from Comicon to Halloween party.
  1. Green Plumber Costume: The green plumber costume has a huge fan base as a classic video game inspires it. The character breaks the stubborn mindset, proving that a plumber can also save a princess. The plumber costume comprises of a green jumpsuit and a full-sleeved blue t-shirt. The cap is made one feel like a real plumber visiting a Comicon or a Halloween eve.

Key Takeaways

The entertainment costumes are suitable for all occasions, be it a Comicon, performance eve, or a Halloween party night. These costumes make you stand out of the crowd by their unique add on accessories, which enhance the entire look of the evening. Entertainment costumes not only make wearers cheerful but also add fun to lives by giving them a break from routine chores.

Wearing something different to a Halloween eve makes everyone turnaround once, but above anything makes one feel happy and satisfied to resemble an ideal once in a lifetime. Take time to select costumes for your party supply store, as after all, you will be needed to provide the best to your customers.


Top Halloween Dropshippers

Dropshippers are an exciting component of the supply chain management and e-commerce industry. They have even proved their worth in the implementation of projects that surpass the realm of industrial or commercial boundaries.

Dropshippers are those entities who directly transfer the item or product or the service to be purchased or sold. This scenario is executed without the hassle of maintaining or storage of stocks by retailers. Dropshippers directly convey the object from the wholesaler or manufacturer to the online platform where it is present. They can even bypass the latest segment and directly provide the item to the customers.

The Evolution of Halloween into its Current State


Halloween is a global phenomenon nowadays. From being a strictly Western Christian festival, it has become a worldwide rage. The concept is the night where the dead walk amongst the living has boosted the celebrations associated with the festivities. It is believed that spirits of those rightfully departed to even the ominous and harmless. The ones who are mauled and murdered rise up from their realms and walk amongst the humans.

Costume Parties being the Latest Halloween Rage

The festivities have become more cultural, though. With costume parties and divination games, are being the highlights over the traditional trick-or-treating. To summarize rightfully, Halloween costumes range all across the spectrum of being flashy and bizarre.
Costume parties have become a rage, with people dressing up as their favorite superheroes to ghouls and ghosts and even iconic Hollywood movie characters.

Dropshipping in Halloween – The Newest Brand of Commerce

Dropshipping in Halloween

With Halloween costume parties being the first celebration of the festivities, amongst all the others, the commercial aspect surrounding the costumes have also increased. The Halloween Dropship is the latest trend that is directly benefiting the customer as well as the supplier.

Dropshipping has carved its niche in the celebrations of Halloween by facilitating the supply chain management revolving around it. During Halloween, there is a massive demand for custom-made to top-rated and even trendy pieces of wigs, costumes, beards, etc. People buy and sell dresses and wigs fitting their particular style that they want to flaunt on the night of the festival.

Dropshipping Companies that are Flourishing Lately

Halloween dropshipping is the latest need of the hour as October is nearing its end. The final day of the month will be the day to celebrate all the rituals and customs related to the festival. Halloween dropshippers have become the most searched about people in the recent past. This scenario is due to their capability of dropshipping the latest costumes, wigs, and beards. The individuals need to sport on the day of the dead.

Costume dropshippers and wig dropshippers complete the entire chain of demand and supply. The prospective purchaser is exhibited the preferred costume and wig on the online drop shipping portal. It is their liability to examine the need and procure it from the manufacturer or the wholesaler. They are nothing but retailers without having the requirement to handle the stocks and keep a tab on the inventory.

While adding the desired Halloween wigs to the cart, they are procuring them from the source location. The Dropship wigs are then either put up on the portal along with their respective prices or transferred to the professional delivery system that ensures proper conveyance of the item.

Costume dropshippers also operate on a similar level, even going to the extent of delivering the entire ensemble to the customers’ doorstep using their valet.

The same process is taken care of if one wishes to sell their own Halloween costume or wig to change or renovate their Halloween looks seemingly. The products to be sold can thus, almost identically put up on an online portal, which could be selected by some other prospective purchaser.

Moving Forward

Goods By BC is one such fantastic Dropship specialist, expertise in Halloween, as well as customized party or holiday, themed costumes, and wigs. Goods By BC has its e-trailer as well as the Dropship program, which has, by far, surpassed the customer expectations as well as experience from other reputed dropshippers and close competitors. Dropshipping can even be done directly from the manufacturing plant or the inventory control in warehouses and supplied to the potential customer.

Therefore, it is advised not to take the personal hassle of going about searching for your favored looks and specialized costumes and wigs that accentuate them. However, effortlessly do so using a trusted Dropshipper.

Horrifying Halloween Costumes that will Terrify All Your Friends

It’s Halloween again and what better way to honor this time than wearing the scariest outfit among your friends. Halloween is that time of the year where everyone with a dark side will enjoy engaging it and being at their most creative. In fact, for those more enthusiastic than others, they go out of their way to try and individually create their own scary Halloween costumes rather than come up with outfits from Halloween shops.

It is quite interesting that most people have forgotten what this time is about and turned it into gifting or going to treat and trick. News flash, Halloween is about who instills fear more or better than anyone else and what better way than wearing the scariest outfit among your friends and family. We have compiled a list of costumers that might just get your friends to give you that much-needed respect when it comes to your creative side.

White Walker
There is something awesome about creating outfits that people can connect with and understand exactly what it is you have on without asking. So, why don’t you get your creative juices flowing and create that white walker costume with detailed makes up to go with it?

Bloody Attacked Nurse
You are a nurse, the hospital was attacked by zombies, and you were left wounded, bloody and with tattered clothes. You can even make it more interesting by adding some makeup details as a zombie who has been recently turned. It depends on how horrific you want to be with your chosen Halloween costumes.

Voodoo Doll
Can you imagine showing up at your friends’ house looking like a human voodoo doll? Yes, that exact reaction is what you want to go for. With a few tone clothes with rags all over it and full-body makeup, you are good to go.

The apocalypse is here, and the zombies have attacked. YOU are the zombie! There is literally no way Halloween would be Halloween with someone wearing their most scary zombie outfit. Creativity and costume selection is key to ensure you execute the zombie apocalypse costume perfectly.

Vampires are fictional, but you are not, which means you can look even better than your favorite vampire TV series. With a black outfit, lots of blood to go with it and disheveled hair-your vampire costume is one step away from giving your friends the shock of their lives. These outfits can be quite costly, especially during the Halloween peak season; hence, you need to go to your closest shop and get the costumes wholesale price since getting them online would cost twice as much.

The Witch
Very few people can look scary with the witch costume. This is because it has been done and re-done over the years; hence, one or two of your friends are familiar with it, which makes it less effective. But, you are not everyone else. With much given thought and creativity, you can nail this costume and get people trembling out of fear. First, you must know and have all the basics of a witch which are a witch mask, a stick to cast your spells with, flowing dress, and a tall witch hat. You should have all these in black since you want to go for a gothic and scary outfit.

The Skeleton
Skeletons shouldn’t be walking around. This means when you go for the skeleton costume, not only will you scare your friends but also make sure you get the attention of every room you walk in on Halloween. Just ensure you nail every detail of the costume from your face, eyes, hair, walking style, and everything else in between.

The Nun
Why would Halloween go without a little scare from the nun? This costume is among the top scary outfits worn during Halloween. However, the nun Halloween costume is supposed to be done with as much attention to detail as possible. With a little slip, this costume could go both ways.

A Phantom Figure
“Am your greatest fear” is what the phantom figure costume screams. Everyone is afraid of ghosts and don’t believe anyone who says they are not. With sufficient manipulation of the lights and situations to create a particular set up for you scary stunts, you will have your friends cowering under the tables in no time.
These costumes are literally the most scar, and with Halloween being around the corner, you want to look your best (which is obviously your most scary). Ensure you get the costumes wholesale price since you might be doing more shopping than you actually thought.